Bolstered by the financial industry leadership of the O’Brien family, the O’Brien Investment Group is comprised of dedicated and experienced financial professionals, academic leaders, and quantitative analysts who hail from top-tier institutions and universities. The growing OBIG team utilizes their unique financial and risk management skills to further enhance the models and technology that drive portfolio strategies.

The expertise of OBIG’s team spans several asset classes and international markets, so we can offer our clients unparalleled support from leading professionals in addition to a selection of non-correlated investment solutions from OBIG.

Featured Portfolio Managers



Monica Fuentes, Ph.D., Portfolio Manager

Discretionary Global Macro Futures Program

  • A key consideration of this strategy is the pedigree of the Portfolio Manager, Monica Fuentes, Ph.D., who joined the O’Brien Investment Group in late 2015 to launch Discretionary Global Macro.
  • 8 years at Goldman Sachs in NYC and London with their Markets Strategy Team and on their Global Macro desk. She later joined London based Comac Capital as a Portfolio Manager for their $6.5 Billion Global Macro Fund.
  • Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University (2003).

Michael Johannes, Ph.D.,  Portfolio Manager

Quantitative Global Macro Futures Program

  • Since 2017, served as the Portfolio Manager for the Quantitative Global Macros Futures Program
  • Since 2012, served as Director of Research of OBIG and affiliated companies
  • Concurrently serving as Professor of Finance & Economics – Columbia University since 2000
  • University of Chicago – Ph.D., M.A. Dept. of Economics
  • Focus – Finance, Predictive and Statistical Modeling
  • Visiting Academic Appointments – Northwest University, Stanford University and Princeton University


Having identified the best service providers to help bolster our offerings, including fund administrators, legal counsel, and auditors, OBIG’s enhanced infrastructure helps eliminate key man risks and provides reliable business continuity across all facets of O’Brien Investment Group operations. The O’Brien Investment Group has built a robust team with significant experience in research, programming, trading, operations and management. As part of a growing and scalable infrastructure OBIG’s in-house research team is comprised of financial and quantitative analysts from top-tier institutions who continuously monitor and optimize internally-developed strategies. With a proven approach rooted in research, stability and performance, we confidently invest in our own infrastructure; Each of OBIG’s strategies are backed by the firm’s own capital.